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This is a Page for your weekly schedule of readings/assignments.

Week 1 (August 28th)

During class we reviewed the syllabus, as well as engaged in conversation to unpack our reading backgrounds. We also took a departmental diagnostic assessment.

  • Prior to our next meeting (Sept. 4th), please complete the following work:
  • Download our course text, Logical Reasoning. Consider what will be the best way for you to read the text. Read pages 1-13.

Week 2: Sept 4th – Sept 11th

  1. Read Chapter one in Logical Reasoning: Logical Reasoning. Please take notes as needed. This can be done electronically, or on paper.
  2. Bring in two books that you may want to read as part of your independent reading.
    • If you have a book you love that you would like to recommend, please bring it to class.
  3. Please complete the Multiple Intelligence Survey distributed in class.
    • After, please read the following overview to prepare you for our discussion on Sept. 11th

Week 3: 9/11/19 – 9/18/19

During class this week, we reviewed the first chapter of the course text, as well as discussed the areas of multiple intelligence to consider implications for your learning and thinking. We also visited the Reading Lab and explored NewsELA.

Before our next class on Sept 18th, please do the following

  • Please complete Assignment #2
  • Please begin reading your selected text; if you do not have it, please get it
  • Be sure you have a NYC Public Library Card

Week 4: 9/18/19 – 9/25/19

Before Wednesday, Sept 25th, please complete the following

  • Bring your independent reading text to class (e-book or actual copy). Be prepared to discuss what you have read so far.
  • Please read and annotate the article, The Importance of Logic and Critical Thinking. This will be graded as discussed in class.
  • Please complete Assignment #3. This will be graded as discussed in class.

Week 5: 9/25/19 – 10/2/19

During class, we continued to discuss text annotations. We began to consider our own values and beliefs, and we reviewed for the first assessment that will be during our next class (10/2/19).

For next class, please engage in the following work:

  • After thinking about your own reading goals, please read your independent reading text. You should be reading on a regular basis.
  • Review notes, and the review handout, and reflect on your learning so far in order to prepare for the first assessment.
  • Go back to Assignment #3 and review the comments of your classmates. Respond to a at least two comments.
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