Nov 6th to Nov. 13

  • Please be sure that you are reading independently. I will make some time to discuss this on Nov. 13th to ensure that everyone is on track.
  • Be sure to review the fallacies that were presented and reviewed in class. use your notes, as well as the examples that are in the handout I provided.
  • You need to know the following fallacies for the assessment on 11/13:
  1. Non Sequitur 
  2. Emotionalism
  3. Ad hominem
  4. False Analogy
  5. Appeal to Authority
  6. Bandwagon Argument
  7. Hasty Generalization
  8. False Dichotomy 
  9. Red Herring  

  • Review the project that was introduced: Critical Issues in Varied Media
  • Brainstorm ideas for the project on the Google Doc
  • Start to identify possible sources. Be ready to discuss your ideas, as well as share some initial sources in class on Nov. 13th.

Nov. 13 – Nov 20

During class, we reviewed the Critical Issues In Varied Media project and took the fallacies assessment.

By Friday (11/15) Send me a message or email with the following information for approval:

  • Project Topic
  • If you are working with someone
  • Possible Sources (direct links are best)
  • Media on which you will focus (be specific)

On Wednesday (11/20), you should bring in a draft of Part 1 of the Critical Issues project for review and feedback. The more you can bring in, the better.

Wednesday, Nov 20th

Please work on the following:

Wednesday, Nov. 27th

Please work on everything that is due. You may schedule a zoom meeting by contacting me on remind,

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