Assignment # 4

Assignment # 4: Thinking About Experts

In the coming weeks, we will talk about people who are considered experts, what it means to be an expert, and how we can use experts and their knowledge to better understand and support specific arguments. For this assignment, you should contribute to our Google Doc by adding at least two people who you feel are experts and why you think they are. In order to make this assignment more robust, please avoid repeating someone who is already mentioned.

As a follow-up to this, you would also contribute to our Flipgrid on this topic. You will find the directions for this on the Flipgrid page.

Please adhere to the following timeline:

Google Doc response submitted by 10/30 @11:59PM
Flipgrid initial response submitted by 10/30 @11:59 PM
Reply to at least 3 different Flipgrid Responses by 11/2 @11:59PM

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